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Our Story

Our story begins back in 2014, when Daniel Jones and Darren Xerri came together to create DMY & Associates, they got fixated on an idea they had for helping accounting firms across Australia…but with a difference. That difference was to be completely invested in their clients. What Daniel and Darren agreed was that in order to help an accounting firm, you need to understand the specifics of each firm and what the owners want. Once this is ascertained, you can put resources into the firm to help the owners succeed. Its that “help” thats the one big resource which sets apart DMY. DMY’s people are qualified people that know what makes an accounting firm tick! From this initial idea and concept, DMY & Associates was born and today is Australia’s leading consulting firm for public accounting firms across Australia. Whether you’re an accounting firm in “Growth” or “Succession Planning” phase we can help you achieve the best possible outcome, through our services we listen, strategise and most importantly help you execute the requirements for your firm

Our vision

Our vision is to support our clients through acting as silent partners in their firms. As partners and consultants, our goal is to provide services that help our clients maximise the financial potential of their practices.

Our process for each new client

We don’t pretend to know how you run your business and certainly don’t feed you stock standard templates as if you were an “average” firm. This is why we sit with you and get to know you and your firm before we even start. By listening to your ideas and drawing on our wealth of experience, it makes a great starting place for preparing a results focused game plan.

We listen

The first thing we do is to come to your office and just listen. We ask you how your firm is performing on every level and assemble a picture of your unique firm’s situation. One solution does not fit all and we tailor our consulting solutions to what it is that you need in your business, not just what we did for the last client. Listening provides us with the insights to find the opportunities, adjustments and complete the changes that will be necessary to help you achieve your goals for your firm.

We strategise

Once we have an understanding of how your unique firm operates, we can then begin to strategise on the best solutions and implementation methods that will work for you. Just as listening opens us up to your business, our strategies are not from off-the-shelf or templated. We use our decades of experience in the accounting industry, business, and marketing to come up with the best plans and execution strategies that will work in your Firm, with your staff and to achieve your goals. This in turn allows you to be proactive in reaching your goals instead of reactive and just adjusting to daily feedback.

We execute

No goals, plans or strategies are worth the paper they’re written on if the execution isn’t there. This is where many firm owners (and business owners in general!) have a real challenge. Having great ideas and plans to improve your business is great and getting insight and consulting from outside sources usually is very helpful as an objective pair of eyes, but if you can’t execute the strategies, it was a big waste of time and money.

This is where we excel. Armed with the knowledge of how your firm works, what your goals are and when you want to achieve them with an outlined strategy, we come into your firm and help you execute them. We don’t just hold you accountable; we actually help you do what is required. It’s like having another partner in the firm that can action the changes, knowing that they will be completed above and beyond your level of expectation.


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