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DMY Capital Investment

We support accountants in public practice

We have also seen the need for accounting firms requiring or wanting to seek investment opportunities for their own clients, and finding little or no support in this area to do so. This is why DMY Capital Investment has been created, to support Accountants in Public Practice in two key areas;

  1. Wanting to purchase another Accounting or Financial Planning firms
  2. Seeking investment opportunities for your firms clients

No nonsense and straight to the point

We have seen countless times Accounting Firms really struggling with finance options to purchase another firm, being “drip feed” information the bank requires to waiting countless days with no response. This service will stop all of this nonsense and get straight to the point, giving you a sense of mind that you are dealing with professionals that can get the information they need in one go, a fast response on the finance being approved and all at a very competitive interest rate! And, most importantly ensuring a settlement date is given and adhered to with no fuss or nonsense.

So should you want to purchase another firm, and want a seem less process with a competitive rate please contact us to discuss how we can help.

What we have also seen is from time-to-time your clients require investment opportunities to either;

  1. Grow the business further than it’s current state
  2. Help start the business

If you have a client with either of these needs or others, then you should contact us to further discuss how we can help. As DMY Capital Investment has access to investment funds to help all type’s of business’s at different stages of their business cycle.

Further more DMY can help expansion opportunities grow to other countries around the world through the connections we have. So if you have a client in need of this then please contact us to discuss how we can work with you and your client to support them in their next business venture.

Contact us today to discuss solutions for your firm