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Here are some of the consulting services we can provide:

Workflow process

At DMY we will conduct an audit of your workflow and process for every service you provide, then consolidate the data found back to you with recommendations on what changes should be made. Whether it’s consolidating the way information is received from the client, to reviewing other available software solutions in the market, or most importantly reducing the amount of process’s! DMY will optimise the way you want to run your Firm and deliver the highest rate of return your firm can achieve to you and your staff.

Commercialising services

Have you got a list of bullet points as long as the eye can see on your website or business card? Have you ever stopped and wondered; ”does my client base know exactly what I can provide them with?” If these are confronting questions for you, then you will need DMY’s services. At DMY we take the list of “bullet points” describing what you do as “features” and turn them into “benefits” for your customers. This certainly helps your customers understand what you do as it answers the question for them of “what and why. Furthermore, if we have reviewed your workflow and process, we can then start looking at rolling these services up into product to sell to new and existing clients, in a way you would want to work with your clients instead of your clients dictating how they want to work with you.

Change management

Are you having trouble with staff performance or retention? Are you sick-to-death of everyone in your firm telling you what you should do? At DMY, we believe that culture is the success or demise of every business, which is why it’s important to manage the effect of “change” internally as much as it is externally with your clients. Don’t kid yourself; if you have a negative culture in your business, your customers will know. DMY can provide strategic advice and management tools to use in your firm so that you have all staff members engaged with the right mindset. Most staff in any business will get frustrated if there is a lack of direction and minimal communication, which is where DMY can help in providing strategic advice and support in enabling the direction and communication internally for your firm to be what you have always wanted – A Team.

Planning for growth

Have you ever heard the saying; ”those who don’t plan, plan to fail?” It’s amazing how many firms we speak to on a daily basis that don’t have a plan or specific goals. Is this you? Is your firm just going through the same ordeal month after month, year after year? At DMY, we focus on growth with every firm we work with, but most importantly it’s tailored to each individual firm and not generic. Using a method of SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timeframe) we help plan your path to achieving your growth goals. DMY will help in the scheduling of monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly plans to monitor the success and failures along the way. If required we will help with administration work to ensure goals are met. This in turn provides consistent feedback to partners on what’s working versus what’s not working with strategic advice, and also helps in defining your goals firm wide, not just at partner level.

Your firms performance

There are two main drivers with every firm; average hourly rate and productivity. When was the last time you reviewed your firm’s performance? When was the last time you compared it to the industry standard? If the answer is “never” or “hardly” then you are at risk of having a major cashflow issue, or you might have one already you are trying to resolve. At DMY, we sit down with you on a monthly basis to review the key drivers of your business and let you know how it compares to industry standards. Through this we are able to give advice and support in helping you turn these results around and continue to monitor the success or failure on a monthly basis. This in turn will give you a true sense of the “heart beat” of your business and help you identify areas of concern that need attention.

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