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Peer to Peer

Are you a one to four partner firm that is looking to grow, increase revenue, employees and clients? If so, then the peer-to-peer mentoring group could help you.
Peer to peer mentoring for accounting firms

A significant shift is happening

Today there is a significant shift in the way firms manage growth. A large number of firms have been struggling to understand the key concepts and strategies required to grow their firm. How do you increase revenue, build scalable services for clients and leverage new age technology? If you are struggling to understand and implement these services then you should consider joining this group. This peer group has been developed by accountants, for accountants to help their peers achieve their growth goals.

Peer to peer mentoring group

You may have noticed that most firms are introducing cloud technology to streamline practice processes and increase revenue. This change can have a significant impact on a firm, as its traditional model begins to change. It’s when growth and profitability opportunities present themselves that accountants start to get excited. If have considered the shift to the cloud or you are having difficulty understanding how to achieve this transformation, then consider becoming a peer-to-peer mentoring group member to reap the rewards.

By joining this innovative peer-to-peer mentoring group you will receive fantastic support from accountants like you who want to grow their firms. Our groups are led by specialist accountants who will provide you with experience and know-how to deliver the tailored result you want.

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