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A Strategy you can use for scaling your accounting firm is outsourcing and this is something that has been in the industry for years. However, clients have told us that outsourcing doesn’t quite hit their needs when it comes to sending their clients sensitive information overseas. At DMY & Associates we have an outsourcing team based right here in Australia.
Outsourcing for accounting firms

Why would you consider outsourcing?

  • It increases your profitability
  • Is cost effective
  • Frees your staff from the mundane
  • Re-focusses your practice onto the essence of your business
  • Staff can utilise their expertise, grow your practice and their experience
  • “Stalled” jobs pilling up are a thing of the past
  • Raise your staff morale and that of your clients
  • Work can be planned and delivered on time
  • Access skilled expertise of Accountants located in Australia
  • Reduce compliance risk to your business
  • Reduce your current non-core workload
  • Use your existing staff resources more efficiently and effectively
  • Increase your client base but not your workload

6 Benefits of DMY’s Australian Outsourcing team provides Accounting firms

  1. We prepare and do the Financial Accounts and Income Tax Returns for Trusts, Companies, Client Groups and SMSFs
  2. You are assigned a dedicated Manager who leads a team of CPA’s and CA’s
  3. The Project Budget is prepared upfront so you know how much you will be charged
  4. The job/work is completed to the Review Stage. You just lodge the competed Income Tax Returns
  5. We have all of the correct checks and balances in place according to latest accounting standards.
  6. The privacy of your client’s data is assured


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