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We hold two different types of webinars: our premium or paid webinars and our free webinars.

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Webinar: The “Do’s” & “Don’ts” Of Buying & Selling Accounting Fees

A big question or topic to consider is risk. What should a buyer or a seller be looking at, in terms of the potential for risk in the transaction? There are a number of considerations that should be ticked off.” – Daniel Jones, CEO DMY & Associates. The industry today has become competitive and with this has increased the demand of firms looking to expand “beyond word of mouth” or “Organic Growth”. Firms now have been able to put aside and retain profits or get finance facilities to expand faster through acquisition of fees or mergers.

As such, the options open to practitioners who are looking at a “life changing” event have similarly changed — whether this is acquiring a practice, expanding the client base, or selling your practice for a good return.

This interactive webinar will investigate the current options available to practitioners. Topics to be covered during the seminar include:

  • what to look for in acquiring a client base
  • investigating where you can get some value add
  • what you need to do to ready your business for sale
  • when to do an earn-out arrangement
  • when to purchase and how to purchase
  • what options do you have as a seller during and post sale (also great for buyers to understand).
  • how do you evaluate Accounting Firm.

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Webinar: If you had to start your firm again, what would you do differently?

At DMY & Associates we see Partners attend seminars or meet with their Networking Groups and learn some great ideas to improve their business, but do not have the resources or skills to deliver and implement them. Or, they put their Projects on hold so that they can meet client demands and obligations. Whether your project/s is to create monthly services, implement the latest technology, have a proper management process, update your current work flow procedure or improve the operations side of your Accounting Business, DMY & Associates’ Practice Management Service can assist you.

With our philosophy of “Listen Strategise and Execute”, it is the “Execution” side of our philosophy that sets us apart from other Consulting or Management Firms. Our Practice Management Service is about taking ownership and being accountable to .

“I’ve created more time for me and am adding more value to my clients. My processes and results have improved in my practice. Thank you!”. David Gorman – DCG Consulting.

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Webinar: If we could eliminate the headaches, what more could you do with your clients?

At DMY & Associates we see that Principal / Partners of Accounting firms wear 5 different hats – HR, Administration, IT, Operations and of course servicing Clients. Our Practice Management Service is about taking ownership of the first 4 so that the focus of servicing your client is a lot stronger than it s today.

“I’ve created more time for me and am adding more value to my clients. My processes and results have improved in my practice. Thank you!”.  David Gorman – DCG Consulting

With our philosophy of Listen Strategise and Execute you will see that our Practice Management Service is different to anything you have seen in the market. Let DMY & Associates help you overcome these matters with our Practice Management Service to deliver solutions to overcome these (and other) obstacles you and / or your team face every day.

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