DMY accountants eliminate headches with clients

Webinar: If we could eliminate the headaches, what more could you do with your clients?

At DMY & Associates we see that Principal / Partners of Accounting firms wear 5 different hats – HR, Administration, IT, Operations and of course servicing Clients. Our Practice Management Service is about taking ownership of the first 4 so that the focus of servicing your client is a lot stronger than it s today.

“I’ve created more time for me and am adding more value to my clients. My processes and results have improved in my practice. Thank you!”.  David Gorman – DCG Consulting. 

With our philosophy of Listen Strategise and Execute you will see that our Practice Management Service is different to anything you have seen in the market. Let DMY & Associates help you overcome these matters with our Practice Management Service to deliver solutions to overcome these (and other) obstacles you and / or your team face every day.

Here’s how the service works

  1. We sit down with the Principal / Partners to understand the challenges, what they want to achieve over the next 12 months and long term.
  2. We run a Strategy Day: The objective of this day is broken into 3 parts
    • Conduct a firm wide SWOT Analysis
    • Create from the SWOT Analysis a 12 month plan that incorporates the Principal / Partners vision of the firm, identifies who is responsible, the measurability’s and the time frame
    • Main goal of the day is to obtain a Firm wide buy in of the Principal / Partners vision, and a plan on how to get there
  3. The Practice Manager begins the service at a minimum 1 day a fortnight, delivering the outcomes from the 12-month plan.
  4. Once a month, a management meeting is held with the Principal / Partners of the firm, the Practice Manager and an Executive of DMY to;
    • Review the 12 month plan and make any necessary adjustments
    • Receive any feedback from the Practice Manager
    • Review the months KPI’s of the Firm in accordance to the 12 month goal
    • Discuss issues or opportunities that arose for the month
    • Other operational issues of the firm – What’s working / not working and how to overcome

This service will give you the ability to leverage DMY’s intellectual property, tools, systems and resources by removing the headaches that prevent YOU from reaching YOUR goals

“What truly sets DMY & Associates apart from the rest is that they throw themselves into my business. If I was to engage a business coach, I would be given tasks to be done, and I don’t have time for that. DMY does so much of it for me. It is really like having my own management team”. Sharni Clark – Accomplished Accounting Services.

I still need to know more;

Why not join us on a 30-minute lunchtime webinar (AEST) where we will

  • Go through our Practice Management Service in detail
  • Conduct an interview with one of our clients using our Practice Management Service
  • Answer any further queries you may have


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Here’s more of what our clients have to say….

“We engaged DMY & Associates to provide Practice Management Services for our Firm.  DMY has brought a wonderful mix of professionalism, knowledge and experience in working with me and my team in implementing our goals to transition us to a modern firm and add value to our clients'” Ben Stokes – Bizally.

“I would like to thank the team at DMY for helping us in your contract business manager role. You have made our transition to the ‘cloud’ a lot smoother than it would have been had we handled this internally. Your assistance with reviewing and updating our internal procedures and mentoring team members has also been greatly appreciated”.  Matt Salisbury – Salisbury Accountants & Business Advisors.

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Webinar: If we could take away the headaches of running your accounting firm…