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The Rise and Rise of The Seller's Market

Everyone talks about a "seller's market" for accounting practices. What does this really look like? DMY has analysed the level of buyer activity, selling prices and retention levels for twenty recent listings. Here is the compelling proof of the rise and rise of the seller's market...



Successfully Navigating the Buying Process

We are seeing an average of 76 interested buyers for every accounting practice for sale in metropolitan locations. Here are our top tips to successfully navigate the buying process and increase your chance of acquisition success:



How Long to Sell My Practice?

Looking to sell your accounting practice? At DMY we have access to Australia's largest pool of ready-to-move buyers. This is what our sales process might look like.



One Partner Firms - What Are My Options?

As a one partner firm looking to sell your accounting practice. What are your options? In this article we discuss Internal Succession, External Sale and "traditional" Exit, Merges, External Sale and extended Exit & more.



Two Partner Firms - You CAN Both Get What You Want

Exiting or selling your accounting firm when a partner wants to stay. DMY have helped many accounting practices solve this issue, and there are a number of available options to ensure both partners get what they want.