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Reflections of a Seller 18 Months Later

WE interview a former client of DMY, whose practice sold in late 2020. If you are thinking of  selling this is one of the best five minute investments you could make, to hear from someone who has gone through your journey and is out the other side. Read, and enjoy!



Market Data - New Release

Includes selling prices and buyer numbers from twenty recent transactions. Invaluable for sellers and buyers wanting to stay up to date with the latest insights...



Dealing with Anxiety Through the Sale Process

Anxiety in practice owners over the sale of their practices is common. Understanding when it typically occurs, and how to best manage it, can lead to a less stressful experience and better outcome.



Get Yourself Sale Ready

Practice owners looking to sell often ask: What do I need to do to get ready for sale? In this article we share our top tips to get yourself ready for a successful sale. The starting point is always: what is your “why”?


2021 Articles




How to Successfully Acquire an Accounting Practice Against 75 Other Buyers

We are seeing an average of 76 interested buyers for every accounting practice for sale in metropolitan locations. Here are our top tips to successfully navigate the buying process and increase your chance of acquisition success:



Why Use a Broker to Sell Your Practice, and How to Choose the Right One

Engaging the right expert to support you can make or break a successful sale and exit. Here are our top tips to help you guide you towards the right decision:



How Long to Sell My Practice?

We often get asked for would-be sellers how long it will take. And we always answer: "It all depends..."  Here are the typical scenarios that we see:



The Rise and Rise of The Seller's Market

Everyone talks about a "seller's market" for accounting practices. What does this really look like? DMY has analysed the level of buyer activity, selling prices and retention levels for twenty recent listings. Here is the compelling proof of the rise and rise of the seller's market...



One Partner Firms - What Are My Options?

When it comes to selling and exiting, the good news is that there are probably more options than you think. Let's dive in...



Two Partner Firms - You CAN Both Get What You Want

We see an increasing number of two partner firms where one partner wants to sell and exit, while the other wants to carry on. This is often seen as a situation that will lead to a win-lose, but in fact it is very solvable, and there are a number of good options available to ensure both partners get what they want...





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