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Mergers and Acquisitions


 Selling your firm can be a simple and excellent succession plan or exit strategy for your as a business owner when the process is managed well.We can provide a clean exit solution and enable you to work towards maximising your sale value.

If you are considering selling your firm, you need to look at your firm from the buyer’s perspective.

  • Can I produce a great description of my business?
  • How attractive does my firm look?
  • How will my hard work of growing my business and client retention to this point remain intact in the future with the buyer?
  • How will I manage the change with my current staff and clients?
  • Do I need to continue to be part of the business during the transition?



Merging with another firm can be an effective growth strategy for a busness owner. Merging can help all sized accounting firms gain clients and staff, receive support and grow their offering, leading to many advantages. It can also act as an exit strategy, maximising the business sale value.i

What makes a firm attractive to another firm seeking a merger?

  • Up-to-date use of cloud technology.
  • Strong operating metrics, such as billing rates, productivity, realisation and profit margins.
  • Clients that pay and provide information on time.
  • Reliable staff, especially staff with long-term partner potential. Good time records, even for owners.
  • A service model wherein owners are not the only ones who deal with clients.
  • A commitment to delivering quality service and compliance with professional ethics.



If you’re thinking of growing your accounting firm, you should consider an acquisition of another accounting firm. This can be an effective form of growth when managed well as long as the key business fundamentals make sense.

If you are considering acquiring an accounting firm as part of your growth agenda, there are some driving factors that you should consider.

  • What type of clients does this firm have, what services do they use and are they good team payers?
  • Does the firm’s values and team culture match mine?
  • How does this firm conduct itself in terms of compliance?
  • What is the IT infrastructure and set up like? Is there a proper ROI?
  • How will the seller work with me in transitioning the clients and team?

Acquisition of another firm requires care, research and due diligence. We can help you ensure you are making the right decision. Our expertise includes identifying beneficial acquisition opportunities, structuring, preparing agreements and managing the acquisition process.


We reach more than 25,000 accounting firms weekly with our communication and market updates where our clients take advantage of our ability to connect them with other accounting firms that are considering to merge or acquire. We pride ourselves on assisting and supporting clients through every step of the merging and acquisitions process.

We help our clients by

  • assisting them in the preparation of reports.
  • defining and finding the right cultural fit.
  • guiding them through the important factors to focus on during the selection and due diligence process.
  • vetting and screening potential opportunities.
  • assisting them with structure options.
  • preparing agreements and most importantly, managing them through to the end of the process.


If you are interested in DMY & Associates helping you merge with another firm or acquire a firm, contact us today.